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august 12, 2014

new york city was extra cloudy and picturesque today

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I notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.
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Historic Black and White Pictures Restored in Color 

The history of photography is only about two hundred years old and the period when it was possible to take coloured pictures is a lot shorter than that. However, colour makes us perceive the image we view as more realistic. Fortunately, there are communities of colourizing black and white photography enthusiasts, such as  r/ColorizedHistory , that bring us emotionally closer to our roots with their work.

1..2 .Marilyn Monroe, 1957.  Original photo by Richard Avedon
                                                          Colourized by Zuzzah

3.4. Louis Armstrong practicing in his dressing room, ca 1946.                                             Original photo by William Gottlieb
                                                       Colourized by DanaKeller

5.6. Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein,1921. 
                                            Original photo by Ferdinand Schmutzer
                                                                      Colourized by Klassixx

7.8. Helen Keller meeting Charlie Chaplin in 1919.
       Original photo by Roy Export Company / Cineteca diBologna
                                                           Colourized photoby 

9.10. Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge ca 1935.
                                                        Original photo source unknown
                                                                Colourized by Dana Keller

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God bless you, John 

dear mom,

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“oh yeah let’s go out today oh oops first i have to walk through this water with seastars ok” 

i’d just lie there in the water 

I’d love this actually
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If they don’t need you, it’s okay. You don’t live for other people.
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